Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shattering dreams: Intercontinental Brunch

So ever since I have been in Thailand since December, I have my mind set on the legendary Sunday brunch at Intercontinental hotel in Bangkok.  After seeing and hearing stories about the epic luxurious brunch with Moet champaign free flow for,*gasp*,  $75, I kinda made it a mission for my visit.  HOWEVER, 5 months later, still no such brunch due to conflicting schedules.  Now that I finally have the time, the red shirt mob or the UDD have managed to prevent my dream from actualizing.  The hotel is forced to close from the public indefinitely.  Seeing how the civil unrest is going, I don't think the possibility of me going to Intercontinental hotel for a Sunday brunch and enjoying myself will happen anytime soon. Bye bye food.... Bye bye Moet.......

Where to eat seafood in Pattaya

If you are traveling to Pattaya, Thailand and looking for authentic thai seafood restaurants that are cheap, delicious, and by the sea here are several hidden gems only the locals know about.

Preecha Seafood Restaurant
This huge open air restaurant is located right by the beach.  Having been reviewed by many travel websites, it is best known for fresh rock lobsters, giant lobsters, salt and fresh water fish, and arrays of clams.  You have the choice of how you would like them cooked (though they are mostly thai and chinese styles). I recommend rock lobster fried with garlic, fresh tilapia steamed or grilled with sea salt (the fish melts in your mouth!), steamed crab legs, and (huge) raw oysters.  The view of the beach is tranquil (the sand is reddish for some reason),  and the selection and price for the food is impressive. Of course, tables fill up fast during lunch and dinner.

Address: 200/9 moo 4 soi Najomtien 28 Najomtien Road Tambon Najomtien Sattahiep Chonburi 20250
Tel: 66 3870 9439

Rimhad Seafood Bang Saray 
This place was a delightful stumbled upon as we were driving through Bang Saray beach, a district well known for fishing.  I love the sea view where you see many fishing boats parked all along the sea with small fish swimming right below the deck I was sitting at. The best dish we had was the steamed crab.  For only 450 bath ($12) per KG you get about 4-5 crab on the plate.  You get blocks of wood to go savage and crush the crab shell yourself. The meat was so flaky, tender, and sweet, great with or without the chile lime dipping sauce.   Another of my favourite was the deep fried soft shell crab with garlic and black pepper.   The flavour and texture combined was just amazing.  It had the right amount of seasoning and crisp.  Another dish that we always get at all fresh seafood restaurants was the steamed clams.  I was worried that they would be undercooked and bloody, or overcooked and chewy.  However, I was rest assured when this place cooked them perfectly.

Address: 2 /18 Liabshaihad Road Bangs Saray Sattaheep Chonburi
Tel: 038-737181 , 038-737038
GPS:12° 45' 51.41" N 100° 53' 30.39" E