Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cheap drinks in Vancouver: Guu gastown, Wild Garlic Bistro, Gallery Cafe

Sake Mondays at Guu Gastown  <-- loves it!
For $ 5.80 per large bottle, we keep them coming all night.  Great food, great staff, casual atmosphere, there's never a dull moment there no matter what day of the week.
I love these guys
Guu With Otokomae on Urbanspoon

$4.50 for 2 Oz. Martini on Fridays at Wild Garlic Bistro <--- Not so much....

I used to rejoice at $ 6 - $7 for 2 oz. martini and thought it was a deal sent from heaven before I came across a sign outside of Wild Garlic Bistro on Denman listing all their weekly drink specials. I've never seen anything lower than $4.50 for 2 oz. martinis in the past 5 years (except $1 dollar shots at clubs back in the days).  Pints of beer and caesars on tuesdays are $3.50 each. For sure, I'll be looking forward to martini fridays.

 Finally, a couple of friends and I went to Wild Garlic Bistro on a busy Friday night and it was absolutely chaotic.  The decor looked like a western restaurant in Hong Kong from the early 90's.  Nonetheless, it was filled with patrons.  We were seated at a table for 3 by the window initially.  Six drinks later, we were expecting another company.  When we asked the waitress if we could move to a bigger table that just became available, she had to grab the manager.  The manager explained that there is a policy in which the order must exceed $20 per person in order to sit at the table before 9.30 pm, or you have to tell them in the beginning that you will be ordering food.  She proceeded to explain that the tables are reserved for diners during busy hours and if we are ordering drinks we would have to sit at the bar which was full at the time.

Ten minutes later, we were still having a conversation about where else she would put us when the rest of the restaurant and bar were completely full.  After the ordeal, we finally get to sit at the table where we proceeded to order more martinis to rinse out the bitter taste of what just happened.  Yes, it was a good deal for martinis.  They had a 2 page list with a lot of selections.  However, the owner and staff were not very organized with the seating and handling rush hour.  In the end, our bill came up to more than the next table who were "ordering food".  I would really have to crave cheap martinis before I go back there again on a Friday.

Wild Garlic on Urbanspoon

$5 Champagne at Gallery Cafe weekday <-- Good for sunny patio days

Located inside the Vancouver Art Gallery, the patio at the gallery cafe in the summertime is a beautiful spot to relax and during a nice sunny day.  The happy hour menu is quite the bang for buck with bucket of 3 bottles of imported beer for $14 and yummy appies starting at $6. The live music performance was exceptional.  I forgot the name of the artist but I really loved his rendition of Fresh Prince of Bel Air in an acoustic, Jack Johnson-esque version.

Aside from happy hour specials, champagne at $5 per glass, and Mission Hill wine selections are offered starting at $5.25 per glass on a regular basis.

Gallery Café on Urbanspoon


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