Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Hour at Ozumo

One afternoon, somehow we ended up in Oakland and stumbled upon Ozumo by accident.  A contemporary Japanese restaurant, this was one of Ozumo's three locations aside from San Francisco and Santa Monica.  Without any expectations, we scoped out their menu and found Ozumo ended up being a pretty good find for happy hour.  We walked in around 5 pm and it was rather deserted.  A modernized izayakaya with a nice ambience, the lounge area was spacious with Japanese art integrated with modern interior design.  It somewhat reminds me of Ebisu in downtown Vancouver.  

Aside from a large selection of sake, draft beer such as Asahi, Sapporo and Stella Artois are at $5 a glass while domestic beer such as Bud Light are $4.  The happy hour menu also carries a pretty descent list of tapas to offer.

I really enjoyed these wings but couldn't remember specifically what they were called. They were crispy and coated with tangy flavourful sauce, similar to yangnyum chicken.


Like their sake list, Ozumo has an extensive list of Robata.  Cheezu ($5), 2 bacon wrapped cheese and oyster mushroom skewers came with a side of purple cabbage salad.  They were good, but still pretty small in portion (2 pieces per skewer).

I believe we were able to order 3 types of rolls from the happy hour menu for $12.  They came in fairly small bite size pieces and I could only say they're at the average.  

Overall, I think Ozumo has the passing mark for happy hour.  The food was a good deal for the price, and I must give more credits to the fusion decor and ambience.  The service could've been more attentive.  There were times when we had to walk around looking for our server.  Though when she was around, her service was friendly.  I would recommend this place if you have time to kill or are looking for a place to chill out before dinner.


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