Saturday, April 30, 2011

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

After years and years of trying to visit Famoso, I finally dropped in for a takeout one Friday night at the one of the most raved about pizzeria in town.  For weeks, I had been craving pizza day in and day out and, finally, I was looking for some satisfaction.   After looking through the menu, I picked Margherita pizza ($12.50) -- mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil with anchovies.  Don't ask me why out of all the options, I picked the most boring pizza on the menu -__-''... At the time, I just really wanted anchovies and basil. 

The second pizza, Siciliana pizza ($14.50) with Italian sausage, Italian ham, and baked prosciutto was a better pick for my carnivorous companion.  Still, I wish we had pick an option that was a bit more..well..adventurous.  Nonetheless, both pizzas were good.  The fire roasted Neapolitan crust was smoky with a nice crispy and tender texture, yummy even for thin crust lovers such as myself.  The tomato sauce was fresh and light while the mozzarella was nice and gooey.  The only downer is that I wish the sauce and the toppings were more evenly distributed on the pizzas since there were some areas that had nothing but sauce or just crust.  Overall, Famoso Neapolitan pizzas offer a nice change from the typical North American style pizzas that litter the city.
Fire roasted tomato bisque -- DELICIOUS!
 I was really impressed with their fire roasted tomato bisque ($4.50) topped withe feta cheese and basil.  As mentioned in my earlier post, I haven't found any other place that made tomato bisque as good as Daniel Costa did when he was at De Capo Cafe back in the days.  I wouldn't go as far to say that Famoso is better or just as good, but it is definitely right up there and I really enjoyed every single drop of it.  The bisque came with 2 slices of thick chewy flat bread that I couldn't care for.  Instead, I substituted them with the fire roasted pizza crust for dipping instead.
From no cheese and little topping, we just took something moderately good and made it even better! Here is our reconstructed leftover pizza with shrimp, dill, bacon and more mozzarella!  The city needs more Neapolitan pizzeria! An interesting tidbit, did you know North Korea opened its first pizzeria in its capital Pyongyang in 2009?

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  1. Thanks for the post! Not sure if you heard yet but we will be coming to Vancouver in the new year. Hopefully you will stop in and have some bisque. Cheers.


  2. Ryan - no kidding. That's exciting! Where is your location gonna be? I will surely check it out!

  3. It will be at 1380 Commercial Drive and it looks like we are aiming to be open by the end of February. Looking forward to getting out there.