Sunday, October 2, 2011

Late night feast at Misai Japanese Restaurant

I wasn't going to write a post on Misai since we arrived at the restaurant 10 minutes before last call.  My understanding was that we were going to grab a quick bite at last call and be on our way. I wasn't too hungry and wasn't too interested in what we would be eating either.  What was wrong with me??  Due to time restraint and my mental state, I didn't prepare myself in taking down information on what the dishes were called or how much they cost.  However, as more and more dishes arrived, our late night eat soon turned into a full on feast for 3 people.  I guess we went overboard in ordering just to make sure we would have enough to eat before they close down the kitchen.  I managed to take photos and I apologize for not listing proper name of the dishes but I just want to share what we ordered that night.  
Salmon sashimi

Fish liver in ponzu sauce
I've never had monk fish I believe before and I was surprised to see how big the pieces were.  They looked like foie gras!  The texture is very similar but with a very distinct fishy taste.  The flavour and texture of the liver were contrasted by the tanginess of the ponzu and crunchiness of green onions and grated radish.
Teppanyaki style beef with fried garlic
In order to make sure we had variety, I ordered beef teppanyaki which were topped with green onion and fried garlic.  They were not chewy and well seasoned, maybe even a bit on the salty side. With a bowl of rice, it would already be a complete meal.
3 cones; spicy salmon, california, and spicy tuna
Hamachi tataki with quail egg

Potato croquettes

Fried oysters

Salmon sashimi and salmon roe on sushi rice
I'm normally too scared to eat ikura, or salmon roe, due to the sheer size unless they are really fresh.  Surprisingly, they were really fresh at Misai.
Salmon roll topped with mango and masago

The verdict: Good selections!
I really appreciate Misai's wide range of selections and the food was quite good.   The service was extremely friendly, attentive, and helpful despite us popping in at almost closing time and ordered almost everything on the menu.  
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