Sunday, January 29, 2012

Audrey Bistro and Cafe

Pic of waitress in uniform as per reader's request

Located in the heart of Thonglor, Audrey is currently one of the "it" spot to be for socialites and celebrities alike (we spotted Jiab and Pim).  The waitresses are dressed in cute french maid uniform (and conservative not the sexy halloween-type costume).  The interior is sophisticated and elegant with simple black and white colour scheme, coupled with vintage-inspired furniture.  Of course, it's a hit for the ladies to take cute photos!  The Christmas decoration is also very pretty, however, it is now approaching the end of January... I think it's time for a new decoration?  The tables with sofas along the the walls are usually the ones that get filled up first, and fast too. Not only are they picture worthy, but also extremely comfortable.  Those who get it will most likely sink in for a good dining session for at least 1-2 hours.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Afternoon tea and brunch at Salon de L'Oriental by Mandarin Oriental (CLOSED)

Located at the ground floor at luxury mall, the Emporium, Salon de L'Oriental is a casual dining venue that offers elegant Thai and international fares, high tea, and Parisian desserts and pastries.  It's a nice open space surrounded by water and luscious green surrounding where you can rest at in between a vigorous day of shopping.

If you like everything, or have trouble deciding like I do, try their trio of soup.  It comes 3 cute little tea cups with french onion soup, pumpkin and lemongrass soup, and prawn bisque.  The french onion soup was lighter than I expected.  The pumpkin and lemongrass was unique in its aroma and I don't often come across this mixture.  Lastly, the prawn bisque was comparable to everywhere else.

This picture doesn't do any justice to the crispiness of the vole au vent.  The puff pastry was very flakey while the filling was rich with bisque-like flavour, chunky seafood pieces.  It was served with a side of more fillings, asparagus, and salad greens.

The high tea set is somewhat modest with 4 bite-size sandwiches, 2 scones, 2 jams, and 2 kinds of cakes (coffee and opera).  It's not as elaborate as other places and there is only one set to choose from.  The only difference between the prices is the type of tea you choose. Although I found the tea set to be a bit too mediocre, their cakes are quite tasty.  Perhaps ordering individual pieces would be the way to go.

If you are looking for a mellow atmosphere and a light meal or desserts, Salon would be a good choice.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Centara Grand Hotel buffet: Wagyu beef & free flow wine

Every night Centara Grand opens up not one, but two restaurants for one epic buffet.  Together, Ginger and the World offer a real trip for diners to get the finest fares from around the word.  Located across each other, the restaurants are a fair distance to get to and each being extremely spacious.  Ginger offers mainly Japanese and Chinese cuisines.  At the other side, the World offers Thai, Indian, and intercontinental cuisines, a salad and raw bar, as well as a large selection of fine desserts.  There is a different feature to the buffet almost every night.  Thursday night is wagyu beef night.  Meat lovers, you can't miss this deal.
The first of many to come

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hakata; serving great Japanese fare for over 30 years

Hakata is a hidden gem located on Sukhumvit 39, the area one may referred to as Japantown.  My parents have been long time customers at Hakata ever since before they got married.  Now over 3 decades later, I salute the place for still being consistent and dependable every time we crave delicious and authentic Japanese food after all these years.

Owned and operated by a Japanese couple, Hakata brings true flavours of the traditional Japanese cuisine that are favoured by not only other Japanese nationals, but also the Thai locals as well.  The food here is delicious and you would almost think you are in Japan, especially their ten don which is like no other. The prawn tempura are battered and fried to perfection.  Trust me when I say that it is insanely crispy. The sauce is slightly thick and sweeter than the typical tempura broth, making it much more delicious and enjoyable with Japanese rice.  The tempura is assorted, so you get a little bit of prawn, fish, and vegetables.
Assorted sashimi
Wakame salad

The decor hasn't changed much over the years.  It still has the traditional Japanese design with a few painting renovation.  The ambience is casual, and filled with nostalgia. I also notice that not only the customers are loyal to the restaurant, but the staff as well.  Familiar faces are still present after all these years, reflecting the positive working environment and management of the establishment.  
California roll
Hot red bean dessert with mochi
Shaved ice 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ladies' night at My Bar Dusit Thani

The DL:
The drinks are free for ladies from 7 to 9 pm every friday night.  Guys pay an entrance fee of 500 bath (excl. tax + gratuity). The entire menu of drink selections includes red and white wine, beer, mojito, cosmopolitan, pink panther, margarita.  Pretty solid for freebies!  There's also a live dj spinning, making the place feels like it is the place to be.

The catch:
They also charge 1000 bath for a table.  If you don't pay, you could go hang out at the bar.  They won't give you chairs though, so you would just have to stand around and feel the segregation.

Also, the cocktails are sugared up to the max.  They make them in large batches so you may be better off sticking to beer or wine.

How to make the most out of it:
1.Go there early and get a table.  The later and busier it gets, the less service you will receive.  Also, if the place is packed, you might have to stand all night without a reservation.

2.Even though they pretty much force you to pay 1000 bath, the amount can be used towards ordering food.  So you can get your money worth and snack while you drink.

Chicken salad with goat cheese
What not to order:
I tried a few of their dishes and they weren't good, especially the nachos.  I came from a place when you order nachos, they are served baked with real cheese.  I thought it was pretty weak for a 5 star hotel grade fare +_+.  The Dorritos didn't impress me either.