Sunday, May 13, 2012

East Ocean Chinese restaurant at SC Park Hotel

East Ocean is an authentic Chinese restaurant that serves Cantonese style dim sum and a la carte and 10 course meal menu.  There is a different special at each day of the week at 50 % off such as fried prawn salad and Peking duck.  During the weekend, all tables are filled up with extended families who take their parents and grandparents to enjoy the delicious traditional dim sum. Since the location is near my house, my family has been coming here for years.  They have always been consistent with quality at reasonable prices.  Also, the restaurant has undergone a facelift in becoming an elegant,fine dining Chinese restaurant.

Dim Sum 

East Ocean's gourmet dim sum is as excellent as the ones in Hong Kong or Vancouver.  There's no need to make a trip to Chinatown either. For years, they kept their customers loyal by keeping it real.  Meaning the food is always fresh, flavourful, traditional, and always arrive piping hot.  We never had to send anything back here.  The steamed shrimp with chili lime sauce were plump and juicy with spicy, acidic accent.  Steamed chicken feet in black bean sauce was flavourful with the meat easily pulled apart.  Hagow had generous amount of seasoned, crunchy prawn wrapped in thin starch wrapping.  Barbecue pork bun had juicy, sweet and savoury meaty filling in soft, fluffy bun.  Those are just some examples of the an entire array of food we ordered.  The deep fry dishes won me over ages ago.  The fried dumplings had thin, crispy shell and savoury ground pork fillings.  My pet peeve for dim sum which I often see in Canada is thick shell and no filling.  
Here  are some of my favorite main dishes. Deep fried prawn salad are big, plump, and succulent.  The batter isn't overwhelmingly thick and really crispy.  The prawns are tossed in a generous amount of sweet and creamy mayonaise/honey sauce and served in a crispy taro basket. 
 Peking duck at East Ocean is one of the best with my favorite being at Mayflower at Dusit Thani. The duck skin is thin and crispy so very little fat is left behind. I really hate it when I see layers of fat on the skin or when the skin isn't crispy.  That totally defeats the main features of Pekin duck.  Their freshly made wraps are also quite thin and soft (versus dry and stale which I sometimes find).  The duck meat can be done in several ways and we usually turn it into minced duck with lettuce wrap.

Fried pastry with sweet jujube filling is a popular dessert here.  Then pastry is crispy and thin with hot smooth, sweet and slightly tart filling.  While it is very tasty, I find Mayflower restaurant at Dusit Thani does a superior version of the dish.

food: 4/5
price: $$$$
service: 4/5
ambience: 4/5


  1. During our vacation there, we stayed at SC Park Hotel but unfortunately we didn't have a chance to dine in at East Ocean because we were out most of the time.

  2. I've always enjoy Chinese food anywhere! These are all worthy of time savoring!

  3. There are also dishes like spring rolls and egg rolls which should definitely be tried when you are in Singapore. Phoenix Chinese Restaurant