Friday, April 18, 2014

Omakase at Octopus Garden

P and I have always wanted to try the omakase (chef’s choice) menu. So we chose Octopus Garden and aimed for the gold star $100 menu. Hey, we don’t do this every day if we’re going to try it out might as well go big right?

- prepare your stomach for an epic battle
- spare at least 2.5h for the meal (and we eat pretty darn fast)
- menu changes every day so don’t expect to get the exact same thing if you do revisit


Hot sake on a cold winter night with sashimi mmm… Great way to start off a night.

Fried dumpling with side salad

The uni shooter (sea urchin, mountain potato, quail egg & wasabi)

I’m always a skeptic when it comes to having uni outside of Japan (one too many bad experiences). The uni shooter here is however nothing short of amazing.

The urchin was extremely sweet giving of freshness from the sea. The addition of quail egg made it even creamier but not overly so with a hint of freshly grated wasabi. Mountain potato gives the shot a bit of a crunch. Hidden shiso finishes off the experience on a refreshing note.


The soup that followed the uni was a bit disappointing. It wasn't very memorable or very Japanese. We started hoping that it does not represent the rest of the dishes. The tofu with fish and mushrooms was a bit better but still didn't ease our worry.

If we were ever worried about the value of the set, this was when our concerns were put to rest. We were told that the difference between the $70 and $100 sets lie in the quality of the ingredients. Some of the goodies here included: amaebi, sea urchin, Bluefin tuna, saba, salmon, toro, oysters. Everything was so fresh and sweet that it basically melts in your mouth.

The fish remains were later on deep fried so you could eat its bones like chips.

Bluefin teriyaki. At first I was wondering why they would cook Bluefin since I thought it’s usually served as sashimi. But the texture was different from anything I’ve ever had before. Though it was cooked, it was tender almost like eating a medium rare steak.

At this point, we were extremely full. I really wish that this dish came way before the small plates in the beginning when we were a lot hungrier. I think the chef must’ve known this because the sushi rice was in tiny bite sizes (under the humungous sashimi).

The dessert was green tea sandwich with red bean and vanilla ice-cream. Though very good, I regret to say I couldn’t finish this.

For anyone looking to try out Octopus Garden, I would highly recommend getting the omakase menu. Since the pricing here is on the higher end, it would give you a much better value than ordering the dishes individually. P and I thought it would take some time to go back but we ended up going back a month after our first visit. Just make sure you prepare your stomach and wallet.

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