Monday, October 6, 2014

Yolk's Restaurant and Commissionary

I decided to return from a long blogging slumber with the coverage of an east-side neighbourhood diner that is probably the most raved about in city at the moment; Yolk's!

My previous trip to New York City has seriously left me longing for a seriously good wholesome brunch, which is comparably scarce in Vancouver in my opinion.  I've been gawking at photos of oozing runny poached eggs from Yolk's for quite sometime on Urbanspoon.  Work schedule, however, only left me to write it up as a wish list up until last Sunday.

Located on Clarke and East Hastings, a lazy individual such as myself could only describe it as 'a road trip', or a mini 'journey' coming up from Richmond.  Since Yolk's doesn't take reservation, I already predicted that the wait would be long and eternal.  We should either go extremely early, or just before closing.  Nonetheless, we showed up at the door right around 11:30 am and met with the rest of the population crowding outside.

At least we knew what we got ourselves into! I quickly hopped into the restaurant, bypassing weary, yet hopeful expressions of front liners and put my party down on the list.  Then, it was time to get comfortable and dish out all the conversations in the world you could possibly think of to pass the time.  

One hour passed, and finally my table was ready.  We were ecstatic and malnourished, so being seated really felt like Christmas finally came.  I didn't hesitate to think about ordering chicken and waffles and I didn't regret it.  While it's difficult to find places that make really good chicken and waffles, I'm going to have to give it Yolk's on this one.  Although the chicken was more of a cutlet rather than southern-style fried chicken, it was succulent, moist and crispy on the outside.  It was sandwiched between 2 buttery Belgian waffles, topped with gravy and maple syrup.  I've had fried chicken waffles with ice cream before and it was the bomb.  So, I tried with poached egg this time and the runny yolk just made everything much richer.  Good call on this one!

Organic fried chicken, Belgian waffles, chicken gravy, maple syrup, poached egg
Two eggs double everything

I'm going to call this next one 'the Works', because it seriously had everything you need for a brunch.  You can have as much or as little sides and add-ons as you want.  Pictured above is 2 poached eggs benedict style with aged cheddar, honey ham, spinach, and house-made dijon.  Not pictured, a side of bacon.  Truffle-lemon hashbrowns are made with thicker cuts potatoes and they are $3.25 but they are absolutely worth it.  I usually prefer fast food hashbrowns because they are super crispy but these bad boys are so good and they definitely smell like truffle.  Mmmm, 
French toast with fresh fruit salad
For two people, just the first two dishes would've suffice.  But I ordered french toast anyway because I was curious.  Of course I opted for fresh fruits on the side instead of banana and caramel because they were probably a healthier option considering we were consuming a gazillion calories.  Secretly, I wanted the caramel.  The french toasts were also not disappointing.  They looked like they were dusted with panko bread crumbs and deep fried? I'm not sure because they were so gold crispy on the outside but buttery inside.  How's that even possible??   

Okay, so the black board with daily feature just caught my eye after I've been eating 3 dishes already.  Apparently duck confit was also up for grabs.  How come our waitress didn't tell us about it? Maybe because before she could speak, I already went off with everything I wanted on the menu. Ah wells, we're already here.  I'll order it too anyway.

Duck confit with truffle-lemon hashbrowns and poached egg
You Only Live Once. and I'm basically from out of town.

Here comes another runny poached egg over duck confit and truffle-lemon potatoes.  Despite having just consumed everything similar to this, the fact that there was duck confit meat under there and topped with fried crispy skin that melted in your mouth just completely changed the game.  

I'm going to have to go out on the limb and say Yolk's serves the best brunch in the city. Period.  It is no wonder that even at close to 2 pm, there were still people scouring outside for tables.  They serve nothing but wholesome, non-pretentious, quality dishes.  Comfort food and comfortable price.  It's no wonder this place is the talk of town.

Yolk's Breakfast Restaurant and Commissary on Urbanspoon
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