Mimo Sweet

Hi there!
A little bit about me ^ ^
Born and raised in Thailand, I grew up enjoying variations of flavours of different foods.  I've been fortunate to have traveled around and gained perspectives from different culture and appreciate food for what they are.  Now living in Canada, I find that it is difficult to find authentic Thai restaurants anywhere.  So, I rely on my grandma for recipes and try to replicate and publish simple yet tasty ones.  I consider myself ADD and a lazy cook.  Therefore, my recipes are easy, and sometimes created at the spur of the moment with a lot of freestyling involved.  I love finding good values, especially at low price without sacrificing the quality.  My favourite dining city in Canada is Vancouver. My pet peeves are poor service and waiting a long time for food.  I hope you enjoy my posts as I share my dining experience and simple recipes with you!


Mimo Sweet’s little sister. Like Mimo, I grew up in the bustling city of Bangkok where you could find good eats just about every block. I am extremely passionate about food and traveling.
It has been my goal to go somewhere new and exciting at least once a year. In the past two years, I’ve traveled to 12 different cities (short haul and long haul). How am I doing this? I live on deals and a lot of research. Nothing gives me the adrenaline rush like finding a great deal on food and hotel. The most important thing for me on my travels is to seek for the best dishes/restaurants that the city has to offer.
Some of my favorite places from my travel list include:
  • Tadich Grill – San Francisco
  • The Purple Pig – Chicago
  • Tasty n Sons – Portland
  • Bonaparte – Montreal
  • Bouley – New York
  • Din Tai Fung – Taipei
  • Raya – Phuket
  • March of Youth - Seoul

Though I do have a weakness for carbs, Thai cuisine has taught me that good food can be both delicious and healthy. You don’t need to sacrifice one for the other. I hope you enjoy my travel tips and food adventures.

Happy eating!