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Friday, August 19, 2011

Wild Salmon

 I feel fortunate that my educational institution provides me with not one, not 2, but 3 tasty establishments to go to for lunch.  Wild Salmon is another unique restaurant at VCC which offers aboriginal cuisine with a contemporary flare.  Like JJ's restaurant, Wild Salmon is run and operated by culinary students under the supervision of instructors and instructor assistants.  Unfortunately, the restaurant does not operate all year round and is coming to an end this August 26th, which is why I'm publishing this in a hurry in case others may want to go try it.
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 The benefit of dining at culinary school, hard to beat price point! $4 for appetizers and $11 for all mains.

 Special cocktail of the day, fresh watermelon daiquiri for only $4.  Yes, please! It was refreshing and I definitely taste the alcohol.

 Instead of bread and rolls, we were served fried bunnock bread, an aboriginal style scone.  It was crispy on the outside and airy, doughy, chewy inside, much like a chinese doughnut.

 The corn chowder was prepared similar to a regular corn chowder, except it was better.  The corn had been fire roasted prior so it had a smoky, barbecue corn flavour. The soup was hearty with natural sweetness of the corn.

 I could probably eat about 10 of these spicy seafood croquettes.  Although they were not spicy at all (or maybe because I'm Thai), the croquettes were lightly breaded and fried until golden crispy. I'm not a huge fan of cooked salmon but these were seasoned nicely and the inside was very tasty.  The smoked tomato "jam" accompanying the croquettes was refreshingly sweet and slightly tangy.  The croquettes didn't need any sauce or salt and pepper, they went with the tomatoes hand in hand.

 Johana, steak lover, went for the bison brisket as her main.  The smoked bison had more robust, yet sweet and smoky flavour and chewy texture.  It was served along side of crispy roasted root vegetable and a slice of grilled sage bannock.  A glass of oaked red wine would complement with this dish very well.

 I had trouble deciding my main and was glad I went for the sunflower seed crusted halibut.  The fish was cooked to perfection.  It was tender, flakey and had the right amount of seasoning.  The crispy sunchoke added crunch to each bite.  The watercress sauce was a vibrant green colour and went very well with the halibut.  I absolutely love this dish.

All of the desserts on the menu sounded delicious.  J and I decided to share bunnock bread pudding topped with scoops neopolitan ice cream ($3).  The presentation was so cute! The taste was impressive as well. A perfect ending to our meal.

The bill came to $42 before taxes and, as you can see, we each had a 3 course meal and a cocktail.  It was a wonderful dining experience as we got to try a style of cooking we had never experienced.  The service was attentive and the food was exceptional.  I highly recommend trying Wild Salmon before it's too late.  They are only opened for lunch on weekdays starting at 11:30 am, and there is only one week left so hurry!

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