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Sunday, May 8, 2011


As I was contemplating where to have dinner one weekday afternoon, I heard the voice of my good friend Mayna calling, "Kumare.....Try Kumare...".  Thus, T and I landed at the doorstep of Kumare, a filipino bakery and restaurant on Park road, Richmond.  The interior of Kumare is actually nicer than I thought (-_-'').  It was quite a nice place to sit down; spacious and has a warm, casual ambience with contemporary decor.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Dangerous Addiction: Crispy Pork

For this post, I decided to write about the 3 places I started visiting quite frequently or will be paying more visits to.  First, they are all different types of cuisines; Filipino, rustic North American, and Shanghainese.  Although they are all very different, all of these places have one thing in common, crispy fried pork, my most recent addiction.  If this trend keeps up, I'm going to have to hit the gym everyday or land myself in the hospital very soon.

Little Ongpin
It was 8 pm on a weekday and of course I was craving fried pork hock at Little Ongpin, a modest, friendly Filipino restaurant on No. 5 road.  The server informed us that they didn't have the small portion for the pork hock (which I wasn't sure why), but since the medium size is only a dollar more, sure! supersize me!  Sure enough, I regret eating it once I got home and crawled into bed.  But take a look at the glorious portion of the soft and tender pork hock with thick, extra crispy skin and extra thicker layers of fat.  The pork was served with a soya sauce with vinegar that gave a nice contrast to the fatty meat and makes you  eat them even more.
Another tasty dish at Little Ongpin is the chicken skewers with Java rice, or "yellow" rice.  The chicken skewers had a nice smoky and sweet flavour and were very tasty with the Java rice.  

Their pork belly combo for $5.98 was definitely a steal.  The slightly charred pieces of pork belly was served with rice and runny fried egg with a side of soup and salad.  Very impressive! It fills the stomach without hurting the wallet!

Little Ongpin on Urbanspoon

Meat & Bread
I've heard raved reviews for Meat & Bread and always wanted to try it.  Fortunately, it is located right across from my school and I've been able to go there for lunch as frequent as I want.  For my first visit, I brought along my classmate (and new amiga) *Johana (name has been changed to protect her true identity).  We ordered their famous Porchetta sandwich with salsa verde, $8, which kept flying out of the counter.  We seated down at a long table, cafeteria-style, and munched away.  It was pretty much drenched in grease, yet the hard, rustic ciabatta bread held together the thick crispy skin, the tender pieces of meat and fat and the refreshing tang of the salsa verde way too well. Make sure you grab a soda or a cup of soup as you're eating this to help you wash down the grease a little bit.  Of course it didn't taste at all healthy.  Nonetheless, if you want to indulge, you gotta do what you gotta do.

A typical lunch time, a never-ending lineup.
Porchetta sandwich $8 + soup of the day $4
I probably shouldn't eat this everyday, but I totally would.
 Johana loved this place so much that she went back home and spread the word to her friends and family back home.  Thus, we plan a weekly visit back to Meat & Bread with growing number of members with each visit.  The last time I went, I decided to try their daily special, a veal sandwich with mustard and pickles.  The veal was braised and I found it to be a bit too dry and chewy for my liking.  I will probably just stick to the porchetta next time around.  There was one thing that Johana noticed something and we were sort of turned off after the fact.  While the staff work as a assembly line to quickly process order, we didn't like the idea that the cashier handling cash was also touching and packaging our sandwiches with bare hands.  Umm....Who knows where those loonies have been?

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Shanghai House Restaurant
I've been passing by Shanghai House almost everyday on the way to and from Richmond Brighouse train station on No.3 road, but never got a chance to visit until recently.  One afternoon, my sister complained she was hungry after a trip back from downtown and wanted to go check it out.  Of course it had to be right after I just had a "light lunch".  You know, with all the fried pork I've been eating, I was trying to be good and stay on the right track.  Nevertheless, I went with P just to keep her company and thinking I wouldn't order anything since I wasn't even hungry.

We were pleasantly surprised at how low their price point was. Their interior is fairly descent and definitely not a hole in the wall.  I let P do the ordering and she ordered the 3 main essentials; xiao long pao, spicy wonton, and spare ribs noodle in soup.    
Xiao long pao 
An order of xiao long pao came with 6 pieces of dumplings for  $4.50.  They were actually not bad, quite soupy and meaty, and their dough wasn't too thick either.  

Spicy wonton
The spicy wonton came in 10 small pieces, but for only $4.98. They were good; garlicy and had a lot of flavours.  The only downer was that the sauce wasn't spicy at all.  

Spare ribs noodle in soup


Warning: extremely crispy batter
Do you remember when I mentioned earlier that I was there mainly to hang out while my sister have lunch? Well, that didn't exactly happen.  I had a fair share of the first 2 dishes that arrived, but when the final dish came, I really broke the rules.  The battered pork was SO CRISPY!! I enjoyed it with a side of noodle soup, which I thought the soup was rather bland.  P disagreed and said that it balanced with the salty fried spare ribs.  The entire dish was only $5.98.

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