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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Laotian style moose jerky

I'm pretty sure I've tasted moose meat before in Banff over a decade ago.  But since it was a mere distant memory, I pretty much consider this my first time all over again.  I was presented with a plate of jerky, coated with coarsely pounded lemongrass.  "It's moose meat!", as I was told by an ever-cheery family friend.  It was a deep brownish hue, much darker than beef.  As I stared into it, I though about the big furry gentle creature with enormous horns hiding in the forest.  "Aww, they're such gentle animals" the PETA in me thought.

Nonetheless, I took a bite.  "Hmm, it's pretty good!"

The jerky has also been marinated in garlic, lemongrass, sugar, and soy sauce before being dry cured and grilled to crisp.  It was sweet, with a bit more gamey taste.  Very chewy, but herby in flavour thanks to the lemongrass. 

Sure enough, the PETA in me went home and the Flinstones in me came out instead.

"Let's bring out the beer and sticky rice!".