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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Most interesting setting for brunch; the Fat Lady

Located in Oakland near Jack London Park, the former brothel was transformed into a Tim Burton-like haunted house/circus during Halloween.  The inside was cluttered, and there was still the old fashion 1920's brothel feel to it.  There were tons of cute skeletons, spooky statues, the Halloween spirit lived on here. A lot of effort went into the decoration and it was a lot of fun dining inside the Fat Lady.  


Interesting washroom.  A boudoir like setting, with a creepy giant clown, life-size, towering over and staring right at you as you take a pee.  I had a thought he was going to come to life and attack me.  

Now what does the Fat Lady enjoy for brunch?

A complimentary plate of assorted mini muffins is a pretty good start. 

This is what I would look like if I eat here everyday.
Instead of regular milkshake, try their Ramos Fizz $8.50, a shake with a twist, a generous splash of brandy.

The infamous french fried zucchini $9 is a definite must try.  They were so crispy outside, soft on the inside, but not soggy.  They were topped with shaved parmigiano cheese and served with blue cheese ranch.  Extremely addictive, and probably harmful to your health, but soooo good!

One of the best french toasts I've ever had, Jerry's Grand Marnier french toast $10.  Thick and soft cinnamon bread in Grand Marnier batter with maple syrup and sweet strawberries.  The french toast was so soft with cinnamon swirls in the bread.  Incredible.  
A side of chicken apple sausages $3.50 (free for us).  Even more incredible with the french toast, kinda like a sophisticated corn dog.

Nom nom.
Soft scramble with smoked salmon and croissant $11.  The fluffy white stuff peaking out was the sour cream.  This dish was good, but compared to everything else it was the most average.

Here is my epic dungeness crab cake eggs benedict $15.  Go big or go home right? This dish was pretty enormous and there was no way I could finish this alone.  The crab cakes were thick and everything else on that plate was so filling.  But everything was good, very creamy hollandaise sauce.  I kept a bottle of Tabasco nearby at all time.

Our host/tour leader Mr. W ordered what would've been my second choice, fluffy crab and artichoke omelette with melted parmigiano $13.  There were so much crab meat packed in there!

The ambience at the Fat Lady was definitely something else.  I'll definitely remember it for its grand decoration and hearty brunch.  Those zucchini fries....YUM....The price was reasonable, and the portions were huge. A unique find in Bay area.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Hour at Ozumo

One afternoon, somehow we ended up in Oakland and stumbled upon Ozumo by accident.  A contemporary Japanese restaurant, this was one of Ozumo's three locations aside from San Francisco and Santa Monica.  Without any expectations, we scoped out their menu and found Ozumo ended up being a pretty good find for happy hour.  We walked in around 5 pm and it was rather deserted.  A modernized izayakaya with a nice ambience, the lounge area was spacious with Japanese art integrated with modern interior design.  It somewhat reminds me of Ebisu in downtown Vancouver.  

Aside from a large selection of sake, draft beer such as Asahi, Sapporo and Stella Artois are at $5 a glass while domestic beer such as Bud Light are $4.  The happy hour menu also carries a pretty descent list of tapas to offer.

I really enjoyed these wings but couldn't remember specifically what they were called. They were crispy and coated with tangy flavourful sauce, similar to yangnyum chicken.


Like their sake list, Ozumo has an extensive list of Robata.  Cheezu ($5), 2 bacon wrapped cheese and oyster mushroom skewers came with a side of purple cabbage salad.  They were good, but still pretty small in portion (2 pieces per skewer).

I believe we were able to order 3 types of rolls from the happy hour menu for $12.  They came in fairly small bite size pieces and I could only say they're at the average.  

Overall, I think Ozumo has the passing mark for happy hour.  The food was a good deal for the price, and I must give more credits to the fusion decor and ambience.  The service could've been more attentive.  There were times when we had to walk around looking for our server.  Though when she was around, her service was friendly.  I would recommend this place if you have time to kill or are looking for a place to chill out before dinner.


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