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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Revel = YUM!

I don't go down to Seattle that often and never got a chance to try out any good food.  I was determined on my last trip that I would try something amazing.  We drove up and down Fremont several times before discovering the spot.  One word of advice, if you are from out of town, keep your eye peeled on the left hand side and look for the number on the building instead of signage!  Despite getting lost and growing frustration, we finally made our way in and were greeted with the fume of the smoky barbecue from the outside.  

 The atmosphere was lively with an open kitchen right at the front.  The contemporary fusion restaurant opened last December and, from what I can tell, they have been very successful.

 Tuna confit salad $9 was constructed in the most interesting ways using ingredients I would never imagine putting together; butterleaf lettuce, smoked potato, kalamata olives, tuna confit, cilantro with a green curry vinaigrette.  Somehow, all of them meshed well together. The vinaigrette surprised me, in a good way.  It was pungent with curry flavours, yet not overpowering, and not spicy! I usually expect green curry to have certain degree of spiciness but the dressing was tangy with lime with no heat at all.  The tuna confit had an interesting bite, similar texture to the chinese salted fish, yet not too hard or chewy.  Best of all, it wasn't as salty or smelly.

We ordered the meat of the day, lamb, prepared as a "good way to start" $22.  It was cooked 3 ways; as a sausage, seared medium rare steak, and in a curry served with grilled naan bread and jalapeno pepper.  The sausage was smokey with a sweetness to it, while the steak was juicy and tender.  The curry, though a bit watery and subtle in flavour, was great for dipping with the naan.  It was a good variation, and a fun plate for sharing.  

 My favourite dish had to be this one, short ribs with sambal daikon, mustard green on rice $14.  It was sooooooooo delicious!!! The short rib was grilled to perfection.  It was charred, and marinaded really well.  The meat was tender, and flavourful.  Once you mix everything in the bowl together with the little egg yolk in the middle, all the flavours just come together like a Big Bang concert.  I can finish that whole bowl and everything in it by myself, and not care if I gain 10 lbs.

Someone's been traveling to southeast asia... :) This condiment set is a staple there.  No matter how great the food is, there's always room for personal flavour adjustments.  It's nice to see they have adapted that concept here.  I even notice they have a Thai chili lime sauce.

The verdict: Yes!!!
The people at Revel definitely know what they're doing and they do it well.  The menu is innovative and I can't go back for the short rib rice bowl and try more items!

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