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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Upper class hot pot at G-Be Izakaya

I recently went to G-Be Izakaya in Burnaby and it just became one of my favourite places to go for hot pot.  

  For a hot pot place, G-Be is more attractive than the other ones I've been too.  The restaurant was pretty dimly lit where we were sitting with spotlights shining straight at each table, which is why I was able to take decent pictures of food here.  The atmosphere is reflective of a Japanese zen garden with a wooden Torii gate (like the ones at shrines) and origami installed from the ceiling.  One side of the wall had an installation of a sand garden which I thought was pretty cool.  Service was prompt and the staff were really polite.  At the sound of my chopstick dropping and hitting the ground, someone hurried off to our table with a new pair for me.  I was impressed.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All you can eat dim sum at Summer Palace, Intercontinental Bangkok


One may ask, "how many hagow can one eat?".  If you like dim sum, and an option of AYCE is put right in front of you, why not try it out if you're in the mood?  That's what I did.  Summer Palace is not just your regular dim sum restaurant.  Located at the 5-star Intercontinental hotel, it is probably one of the most lavish and elegant chinese restaurants one could dine at.  

No, there are no dim sum carts being push around here folks.  You don't have to order all you can eat either.  But should you choose to, there is a separate menu of the Cantonese dim sum favourites such as siu mai, hagow, etc., along with soups, main course dishes, and desserts.

The majority of the dishes are comparable in taste to any other dim sum restaurants.  The dishes that really stood out were deep fried mashed taro stuffed with prawn, duck spring rolls, duck fried rice, bamboo fibre and crab soup, and crispy rice noodles topped with savoury meat sauce.  Their marinated chicken feet were flavourful despite being served in a dish broken in half by the steam.  The desserts offered were traditional, and some are not easily found else where.  

Monday, January 16, 2012

Centara Grand Hotel buffet: Wagyu beef & free flow wine

Every night Centara Grand opens up not one, but two restaurants for one epic buffet.  Together, Ginger and the World offer a real trip for diners to get the finest fares from around the word.  Located across each other, the restaurants are a fair distance to get to and each being extremely spacious.  Ginger offers mainly Japanese and Chinese cuisines.  At the other side, the World offers Thai, Indian, and intercontinental cuisines, a salad and raw bar, as well as a large selection of fine desserts.  There is a different feature to the buffet almost every night.  Thursday night is wagyu beef night.  Meat lovers, you can't miss this deal.
The first of many to come

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Warming up at Little Sheep Hot Pot

I love hot pot in the fall/winter time.

Cooking raw meat, dumplings and vegetables in a hearty broth one at a time warms you right to the soul.  And it feels pretty healthy, up until you dunk the freshly cooked meat into a sauce and fully coat it with oil. Hot pot is a meal which brings people together, whether it be family or friends as it is often a fairly large meal which may take quite some time to finish.  As conversations take place while you wait for the food to cook, you may find yourself ordering more food after discovering the food you were waiting on have already disappeared before you get to it.  But I guess it's also about the joy of sharing food. In the end, you can always count on leaving overstuffed and happy every time.

Located in Landsdowne Mall in Richmond, Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, a large hot pot enterprise from Batou has become one of the busiest hot pot places in Richmond.  With a large dining space, a sufficient number of staff and quick service, as well as fair amount of quality control of ingredients have made first time comers into returning customers.  Our party arrived around 7 pm on a Thursday and had AYCE dinner which, at the end, came up to almost $30 per person.

What makes a hot pot place stand out from the rest?

I feel it's a combination of factors; freshness of ingredients, price, cleanliness does matter (I know some hole in the wall places that are amazing but I wonder about how clean it is sometimes).  Most importantly, it's probably the broth that makes each hotpot place unique. We chose half of Little Sheep's famous original herbal soup and half of the spicy version.   Both broths were flavourful and filled with unique herbs you normally don't find at any other hot pot restaurants.  The spicy broth had more distinct cardamom spice flavour, which was aromatic, but became a bit overwhelming towards the end of the meal.  

Needless to say, hot pot is not spectacular without its side kick, sauce!  There is a condiment station where you can get as creative as you like in making your own sauce.

While having a long hot meal session such as this, I needed a cool refreshment to keep me going.  Arrived the $2 refillable plum drink.  It was a little bit tart and sweet, a very nice and refreshing concoction to go with the heavy duty meal.

The verdict:
Our party had a fairly good experience at Little Sheep.  The food was fresh, and the broth was unique and delicious.  The house made dumplings and various seafood balls were tasty as well. We did not have any issues with service.  Although they were not the friendliest, they worked quite quickly in clearing the dishes, filling our drinks, and did not give us a time limit to finish our meal.

Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot 小肥羊 on Urbanspoon

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lunch buffet at Atrium, Landmark hotel

One of the great things about hotels in Asia is the buffet selections.  Hotels in North America generally only offer buffet for breakfast or on weekends but if you go to any 3-5 star hotels in Asia, you will find that buffets are offered 3 times a day in most places.  The quality, selections, and price of the buffet vary from hotel to hotel but most 5 star hotels such as Mandarin Oriental, Intercontinental Bangkok, or Four Seasons will not disappoint but generally come with higher price than most.  One of our family's favourite hotel buffet is the Atrium at the Landmark Hotel Bangkok.  They have a wide variety of food aisles from Japanese (more of their cuztomizable cones later) and Thai stations, order to made pasta, appetizers, soup and bread, cheese, salad, seafood, grill station, som tum (papaya salad - it's also customized to your preference), noodles soup, Western cuisine, meat (roast beef or lamb generally) and dessert.  Whew that was quite a long list.  The following are photo essays of what's available at the buffet.  So if you're in Bangkok and in the area, you should give Atrium a try, it's worth the value.

Satay, barbecue, and pasta station
Som Tum (papaya salad) station
Seafood cocktail station
Japanese station with sashimi, sushi, cold soba, tempura, and other Japanese delectibles