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Monday, April 23, 2012

Tieb Tong brings traditional touch to Thai flavors (ร้านอาหาร เทียบทอง)

To say Tieb Tong is a hidden gem is a complete understatement.   If you are unfamiliar with areas in Chonburi, this restaurant is just as difficult to find as Platform 9 3/4.  Only true Thai foodies know of this humble restaurant that has been around for decades.  So, finding the place and dining there would really give you the bragging rights that you ARE indeed in the know.   If you want an authentic Thai taste, better make this your mission.  

Tieb Tong specializes on traditional Thai food from the central region. They keep everything old school and there is zero fusion happening here.  The decor is terribly outdated, although clean, cool, and comfortable.  There are several reasons why I'm naming this restaurant as one of the main must-go-to in Thailand.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Since we couldn't make it to Japan, we brought Japan to us!

Since my last visit to Japan in 2010, I've been dreaming about returning ever since.  I was hoping that some miracle would happen and I would be able to stop by Japan this year for their magnificent cherry blossom festival and maybe take a trip to Hokkaido for an amazing food tour.  But it was all just a daydream.  The schedule didn't quite work out and I'll have to put it aside til next year.  

Instead of moping and groaning for days, I have a lucky hamster who told me a secret about a little hidden gem.  The thing is this little gem is located at the largest mall in Thailand, Central World.  I was skeptical when she told me about delicious soft serve ice cream she got from a Japanese food court at Isetan, a Japanese department store located inside CTW.  I wasn't too excited, umm.. it's a food court? how special could it be? -_______-Well I took a trip there and finally got a snap with the cherry blossom as you can see ^_^.  And that's about as close as I'll ever get to a cherry blossom this year Y^Y.  It won't ever die and not really authentic, but it's pretty to look at in pictures right? lol.. Now, let's just get to the point about the food and I'll just summarize that it was a hell of a playground.  Located on the 5th floor of Isetan lies an incredible array of authentic variety of Japanese fare at extremely reasonable prices.  Behold for it is called the Souzai Delicatessen.  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ladies' night at My Bar Dusit Thani

The DL:
The drinks are free for ladies from 7 to 9 pm every friday night.  Guys pay an entrance fee of 500 bath (excl. tax + gratuity). The entire menu of drink selections includes red and white wine, beer, mojito, cosmopolitan, pink panther, margarita.  Pretty solid for freebies!  There's also a live dj spinning, making the place feels like it is the place to be.

The catch:
They also charge 1000 bath for a table.  If you don't pay, you could go hang out at the bar.  They won't give you chairs though, so you would just have to stand around and feel the segregation.

Also, the cocktails are sugared up to the max.  They make them in large batches so you may be better off sticking to beer or wine.

How to make the most out of it:
1.Go there early and get a table.  The later and busier it gets, the less service you will receive.  Also, if the place is packed, you might have to stand all night without a reservation.

2.Even though they pretty much force you to pay 1000 bath, the amount can be used towards ordering food.  So you can get your money worth and snack while you drink.

Chicken salad with goat cheese
What not to order:
I tried a few of their dishes and they weren't good, especially the nachos.  I came from a place when you order nachos, they are served baked with real cheese.  I thought it was pretty weak for a 5 star hotel grade fare +_+.  The Dorritos didn't impress me either.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

50 years of excellency, Methawalai SornDaeng เมธาวลัยศรแดง

Located right by the Democracy Monument, Sorndaeng has maintained its reputation as an outstanding Thai restaurant for over 50 years.  The first time my father dined here was when he was still a university student who just moved to Bangkok.  Both he and my aunt remembered it like yesterday how delicious the food was back then.  Due to its location, it is amazing that the restaurant has survived through many historical events and up rivals, and still opening its door today.

The interior is decorated in an elegant European style with beautiful china.  The ambience is quite comfortable.  With large windows, there is enough natural sunlight and outside scenery. But do not be fooled but the western decor, the authenticity and quality of the fine Thai fare being served here is impeccable.  Every single dish is exquisitely presented, the taste is divine; it is a meal fits for royals.  The price range, to my surprise, is extremely affordable.

Sorndaeng is popular amongst foreign visitors and it's an absolute go-to place if you are ever in Bangkok.
Blended watermelon

Their appetizers were superb.  Mee grob, or crispy noodles, and kratong tong (pastries filled with seasoned ground pork) were quite the delectables.
Ho Mok 
Tod mun pla (fish cakes)
Green curry pork ball
Yum tua ploo
A closer shot of carved pumpkin
panang moo
Tel: 0-2224-3088

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oyster Happy Hour around Vancouver

Rodney's Oyster House 

$1.50 each during low tide from 3-6 pm Monday to Saturday.

Rodney's Oyster House on Urbanspoon

Ebisu (Robson)
Buck a shuck from 4:30 to 6:30 pm daily.  The oysters are served with ponzu sauce and tabasco.  Enjoy with a pitcher of sangria!

Ebisu on Robson on Urbanspoon

Boathouse (various locations)
$1.29 each from 3-6 pm daily.

Boathouse (Richmond) on Urbanspoon 

Buck a shuck from 3 - 5 pm daily.  Also try their clam chowder and decked out caesar garnished with a tiger prawn.

Coast Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Daily from 3-7 for buck a shuck.  They have great oysters, but beware: the space is small and limited, and service may be slow due to one staff multitasking by bartending, serving, hosting, and oyster shucking!


Condiments consisted of tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, mignonette sauce, ponzu sauce, and cocktail sauce.

Buck a shuck Chef's Creek oysters.  

The oyster Rockefeller ($3 each) was exquisite; fresh oyster baked with spinach and crispy breadcrumbs and parmesan on top.  They are almost just as good as the ones from Giorgio of Gramercy in New York.  

Oyster on Urbanspoon

I still have yet to try buck a shuck at La Brasserie on Sundays.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Wild Salmon

 I feel fortunate that my educational institution provides me with not one, not 2, but 3 tasty establishments to go to for lunch.  Wild Salmon is another unique restaurant at VCC which offers aboriginal cuisine with a contemporary flare.  Like JJ's restaurant, Wild Salmon is run and operated by culinary students under the supervision of instructors and instructor assistants.  Unfortunately, the restaurant does not operate all year round and is coming to an end this August 26th, which is why I'm publishing this in a hurry in case others may want to go try it.
Click to enlarge
 The benefit of dining at culinary school, hard to beat price point! $4 for appetizers and $11 for all mains.

 Special cocktail of the day, fresh watermelon daiquiri for only $4.  Yes, please! It was refreshing and I definitely taste the alcohol.

 Instead of bread and rolls, we were served fried bunnock bread, an aboriginal style scone.  It was crispy on the outside and airy, doughy, chewy inside, much like a chinese doughnut.

 The corn chowder was prepared similar to a regular corn chowder, except it was better.  The corn had been fire roasted prior so it had a smoky, barbecue corn flavour. The soup was hearty with natural sweetness of the corn.

 I could probably eat about 10 of these spicy seafood croquettes.  Although they were not spicy at all (or maybe because I'm Thai), the croquettes were lightly breaded and fried until golden crispy. I'm not a huge fan of cooked salmon but these were seasoned nicely and the inside was very tasty.  The smoked tomato "jam" accompanying the croquettes was refreshingly sweet and slightly tangy.  The croquettes didn't need any sauce or salt and pepper, they went with the tomatoes hand in hand.

 Johana, steak lover, went for the bison brisket as her main.  The smoked bison had more robust, yet sweet and smoky flavour and chewy texture.  It was served along side of crispy roasted root vegetable and a slice of grilled sage bannock.  A glass of oaked red wine would complement with this dish very well.

 I had trouble deciding my main and was glad I went for the sunflower seed crusted halibut.  The fish was cooked to perfection.  It was tender, flakey and had the right amount of seasoning.  The crispy sunchoke added crunch to each bite.  The watercress sauce was a vibrant green colour and went very well with the halibut.  I absolutely love this dish.

All of the desserts on the menu sounded delicious.  J and I decided to share bunnock bread pudding topped with scoops neopolitan ice cream ($3).  The presentation was so cute! The taste was impressive as well. A perfect ending to our meal.

The bill came to $42 before taxes and, as you can see, we each had a 3 course meal and a cocktail.  It was a wonderful dining experience as we got to try a style of cooking we had never experienced.  The service was attentive and the food was exceptional.  I highly recommend trying Wild Salmon before it's too late.  They are only opened for lunch on weekdays starting at 11:30 am, and there is only one week left so hurry!

Wild Salmon (VCC) on Urbanspoon

Friday, January 28, 2011

Another wonderful lunch at Chesa Swiss restaurant, Bangkok

My family has been loyal patrons to Chesa for the last 6 to 7 years.  We value the consistency in the quality and authenticity of fine Swiss cuisine being served here.  One of my pet peeves is going to restaurants that do not stay true to the flavours of the cuisines.  I've spoken to an English teacher in Japan who once complained to me,
"While I love Japanese food, and it is delicious, I truly miss North American style fast food.  I absolutely cannot find a good pizza or hamburger here."
It is fortunate that Thailand has a larger and more diverse mix of foreigners coming to open up restaurants in the country.  With more competition, they drive to excel by not only being innovative, but also emphasizing authenticity of their native cuisine.  Chesa is no exception.  The head chefs here work very hard to train Thai chefs, whether new or with experience, to refine their cooking skills in Swiss cuisine, creating impeccable meals.  We noticed that around 85-90 % of the regular patrons are all Europeans.   Should my observation and experience be of any indication, I can vouch that Swiss fare at Chesa is the real deal.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Groupon Food Escapade: Shakin' Not Stirred

I can't stress enough how much I love finding good deals on good food.  The groupon deal at Shakin' Not Stirred located in Yaletown on Homer street, Vancouver coupled with happy hour appy specials resulted on us stuffing our faces with tapas for .  The 3 of us had a groupon of $15 worth of $40 value.  So we rolled in to SNS around 5 pm where the lengthy selections of tapas are available at half price.  Yes, we have gotten ourselves a deal on top of another deal.  The day just got better and better. As you can see, the tapas are fair sized portions. Here is what we ordered:

Spicy calamari - $11 (HH-$5.50) Marinated in Sambal, lemon grass and ginger, lightly breaded and fried. Served with an Asian soy miran dip.

Soft Taco Trio - $13 (HH-$6.50) prawn tacos in flour tortillas topped with cabbage, lettuce, salsa, cilantro and aioli.

Duck springrolls - $11 (HH-$5.50) Slow-roasted seasoned duck with cabbage, carrots and scallions fried golden brown. Served with a Hoisen aioli.  The filling was just a tad dry for my opinion. They could've served with more dipping sauce.

BBQ Pulled pork - $12 (HH-$6) Slowly braised with a tangy barbeque sauce atop toasted baguettes. Served with chipotle coleslaw.

Sweet Chilli Chicken - $11 (HH-$5.50) Lightly breaded tender chicken breast tossed in sweet Thai chili sauce with cucumber, chopped scallions and fresh cilantro.

Thursday's special: Burger with a side of fries and domestic beer - $10

Total value for 5 plates tapas plus the daily special was $39 (I guess we had a dollar extra there..booo). plus $11 of tips and tax.

Other specials include:

Brunch: Friday - Sunday: 10:30AM - 3PM Steak & Eggs $11

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday $10

Sunday: $20 Prime Rib Dinner

Sadly, a bird whispered to us that due to a change in management, the specials are being eliminated beginning of October.  So, next week is the last chance for the specials listed above. We are unsure of the fate of half priced tapas during happy hours.  While the quality of the food may be salvaged, one thing is for sure,  we will never find a deal this good for tapas anywhere again.

That is know of any better deals for tapas?

**Update Oct. 2010 - SnS is now obsolete :(