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Friday, May 11, 2012

Panorama at Crowne Plaza Hotel

Panaroma restaurant, located on level 23 of the Crowne Plaza hotel, offers more than tasty international dishes, but a stunning panoramic view of Bangkok as well.  This year, it was voted as one of Thailand's best restaurants by elite magazine Thailand Tatler.  Diners have the options between intercontinental buffet or a la carte, we went for the buffet lunch today.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lemongrass punch recipe

Today is a Thai New Year's day and I would like to share a simple, refreshing and distinctively Thai drink with you.  I have adapted this recipe from a seasonal drink from a restaurant in Thailand and it can easily be tweaked based on your liking.

So here's a short DIY:

Monday, April 9, 2012

D'Vine Wine bar and Tapas at Crystal Park

There's a trending food scene going around in Bangkok and it's growing faster than germinating dandelions; wine bars.  Just around my area, I can count at least 5 wine bars within 2 km radius. Competition is fierce and each establishment must do their best to captivate patrons in more than one way for them to keep returning.  D'Vine Wine Bar & Tapas is one of the new places opened earlier this year.  I believe some Thai celebrities have also joined in this venture and thus, much of marketing and hype have been put in to this place.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Top 10 most popular food after the bar

What are the perfect ingredients for a meal to follow a long night of painting the town red?

From experience, observation and careful research, one can conclude that the major players are:

carbs + dripping grease + tons of sodium + loads of MSG = one satisfying late night meal

Sounds disgusting, but the heart and stomach want what they want.  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ladies' night at My Bar Dusit Thani

The DL:
The drinks are free for ladies from 7 to 9 pm every friday night.  Guys pay an entrance fee of 500 bath (excl. tax + gratuity). The entire menu of drink selections includes red and white wine, beer, mojito, cosmopolitan, pink panther, margarita.  Pretty solid for freebies!  There's also a live dj spinning, making the place feels like it is the place to be.

The catch:
They also charge 1000 bath for a table.  If you don't pay, you could go hang out at the bar.  They won't give you chairs though, so you would just have to stand around and feel the segregation.

Also, the cocktails are sugared up to the max.  They make them in large batches so you may be better off sticking to beer or wine.

How to make the most out of it:
1.Go there early and get a table.  The later and busier it gets, the less service you will receive.  Also, if the place is packed, you might have to stand all night without a reservation.

2.Even though they pretty much force you to pay 1000 bath, the amount can be used towards ordering food.  So you can get your money worth and snack while you drink.

Chicken salad with goat cheese
What not to order:
I tried a few of their dishes and they weren't good, especially the nachos.  I came from a place when you order nachos, they are served baked with real cheese.  I thought it was pretty weak for a 5 star hotel grade fare +_+.  The Dorritos didn't impress me either.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Ladie's night at St. Regis Bar Bangkok!

 Located right on Ratchadamri Road, St. Regis Bar offers a stunning view of the sunset over Bangkok in a luxurious and intimate setting.  My favourite night is on Thursday when ladies get unlimited bellinis from 6 to 9 pm!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar

Hyde & Seek has been called "Thailand's first London-meets-NY-meets-Asia gastro bar".

I'm not sure if it's actually the first, but I definitely felt like I was at all 3 of those places while I was there.  The ambience is mellow, yet sophisticated.  The menu screams, "I'm British!" but with a spicy twist, while the presentation and execution of the dishes look like they come from a contemporary restaurant in New York.

A brisk walk through Hyde & Seek with Cute Pig:

The geniuses behind Hyde & Seek definitely know how to please the crowd and they know it how to do it very well.  The restaurants are divided into 2 sections, the indoor and the patio, which is probably more popular for socializing.  At night, Hyde & Seek makes quite the adult playground for the local hipsters and foreigners alike.  The preppy kids and corporate go-getters come here to unwind over their one-of-a-kind bar selections.  The lights are dimly lit with lounge music blasting in the background (oftentimes with live dj's), setting the mood for a fun-filled evening ahead.  Here, you know you are being taken care of.

In terms of price range, it's definitely at the international standard, which may equals to being on the high "Thai" spectrum.  In comparison to other international cities, with the quality in place, it's actually quite reasonable.


Part I : Luncheon
Caesar salad tossed in delicious house-made dressing
popcorn shrimp
Spagetti with spicy vongole, arugula and pesto
Jasmine flan

Part II : Night out and pub fare

From top left, caesar salad, tender day-old duck breast with creamy mashed potato and mushrooms, pan-roasted fish with parsnip puree, and crispy rosemary string fries with garlic aoili.

The day-old duck breast was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Too bad it only came in 2 bites...
The portion for the mains are quite small.  I had to order quite a few plates to fill my bottomless pit.  Nonetheless, trying out a variety of dishes was a good trade-off.

If you are looking for a trendy spot to lounge in the centre of Bangkok with good eats, Hyde & Seek is one you won't want to miss!


Tel: 02-168-5152

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Base Eat + Drink

Last summer, I often came to E-Hwa for late night snacks, particularly for their delicious yangnyum chicken.  This year, the restaurant has changed to Base Eat + Drink.  It was completely transformed into a lot cleaner, more modern izakaya drinking place.  I still miss the old E-Wha for its eclectic decor, the loud crowd, and comforting korean munchies to go with the alcohol.  We walked in to Base around dinner time on a Saturday night.  It was fairly quiet and it seemed they just opened.  Not quite sure if the place usually picks up later at night.

The menu offered a variety of korean and fusion dishes.  I love that they have many selections to offer such as salads, appies and tapas, barbecue meat, soups, even risotto and pasta as well.  
Let's start off with fried chicken! We ordered the smaller size ($7.50) with 6 pieces of chicken in spicy sauce topped with ground peanuts.  The chicken came with a side of salad and pickled daikon. Although the spicy sauce more sweet and not exactly spicy, but it was still pretty good.

I was torn between ordering Spagetti alla vongole (clams and olive oil, $15.40) and de mare (seafood with cream sauce).  Between the two, vongole seemed less fattening.  There probably wasn't much of a difference, but that mentality made me feel a bit better.  The dish arrived with several Manila clams with shells on, while the others did not have any shells.  I'm guessing the rest came straight from the freezer as they tasted dry and not very fresh.  The pasta also had a lot of excess olive oil and tasted very bland.  

Next up was the grilled barbecue beef short ribs or kalbi ($17.95).  While the marinade was good, the cut was much thicker and tougher than the regular beef short ribs.  When I mentioned that the beef was very thick and tough, the waitress informed us that the chef had ordered a different cut of meat that day.  I didn't like the idea that they used a different cut, which made a lot of difference in the texture of the meat, and didn't tell us earlier.  I ended up sending it back as it too hard to chew and was not at all what we expected.  Nonetheless, I do appreciate the fact that our waitress was very accommodating about it and took it off the bill.  

We substituted the beef ribs with grilled chicken skewers ($6.95 for 4).  They were tender and slightly charred.  They were not bad, but again I wish they had more marinade or seasoning. 

I wanted something to drink and ordered the Korean rice wine makgulri ($10).  When it arrived, I noticed that it had a thicker consistency than other makgulri we have had and it also had a very powdery texture.  I did not enjoy it at all and could not force myself to finish a drink either.

The verdict
Yangnyum chicken wasn't bad......................

The waitress was very attentive and asked if we were enjoying the food.  Unlike most asian restaurants, she was willing to take feedback and take the food back when necessary.  I think some fine tuning would go along way for the restaurant.  But then again, maybe Base is more of a drinking/partying spot with less emphasis on the food.

   BASE Eat + Drink on Urbanspoon

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wine tasting weekend in the Okanagan

The Vineyards

I knew my sister's passion for wine runs deep, but I had no idea it was developing into an obsession until she took us on a getaway trip to the Okanagan last weekend.  Each typical day involved grandmother and I passing out in the car by mid day, and most often me begging my sister, "No more for today...I can't go on" and "Granny...Make her stop...." Average humans simply can't keep up with her pace.  Regardless of the overwhelming experience, we got to taste some of the most amazing wine this land had to offer along with the most beautiful, picturesque scenery reminiscent of eastern Europe.  I'm definitely no wine expert but I could confidently say that I've tasted some of the best wine that came out of BC (some better than Napa).  I mean, you don't really need to be too knowledgable to know the difference between good and bad wine.  For me, they have to include these characteristics; scent (fruity or floral aroma for white wine), body, level of sweetness, and a smooth finish.  We came across so many of the good ones that we ended up with 3 full cases by the end of the trip.  So if you are not familiar with BC wine already, I definitely recommend exploring the Okanagan and see for yourself what they have to offer.   I suppose we will make another trip down in the summer once the fruits are ready for harvest at the orchards.  Last year, I tasted the sweetest nectarines, peaches and apricots from the Okanagan and I'm still yearning for more.

3 days, 26 vineyards, 35 bottles of wine later....

Vineyards we visited:
-8th Generation
-Silkscarf (love)
-Dirty Laundry (love)
-Sleeping Giant (love)
-Thornhaven Estates (love)
-Black Widow Winery
-Hillside Estate Winery
-Elephant Island Orchard (love)
-Stag's Hallow
-Church & State (love)
-Red Rooster (love)
-Hester Creek (love)
-Forbidden Fruit (love)
-Noble Ridge vineyard (good chardonnay and meritage but not my cup of tea)
-Road 13
-Wild Goose vineyard (love)
-Crownest Vineyards (Taj!)
-Burrowing Owl (great chardonnay)
-Nk'Mip Cellars
-Silver Sage
-La Frenz
-Blasted Church
-Painted Rock

8th Generation


 There's a meaning behind the name "Dirty Laundry".  There are 14 naked girls in the steam.  Can you spot them all?
Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry

Church & State

Road 13

Hester Creek

The Family

I probably won't list all the ones we purchased, but only of the ones that really stood out.  First and for most, Sleeping Giant pumpkin wine really captivated me when I heard of the name.  When I tasted it, it was everything I expected and more.  It tasted just like pumpkin pie; sweet yet subtle, with hints of cinnamon and ginger, definitely something more unique than the average grape wine. Now that I think back, I can't believe I didn't buy more than one bottle.  Yummyyyy!! 
Thornhaven 2009 Gewurztraminer (not pictured) has a distinctive lychee note, but not too sweet.  It smells and tastes so nice, great for pairing with Thai food (especially with papaya salad! MMMMMM).

 From one fruit wine to the next, I have to give it up for Elephant Island apricot wine.  Before I sipped it, I was embraced by a wonderful fragrant resembling jasmine.  Wow, this one was also something special. I just really love fruity wine :)  Another honourable mention from Elephant Island (they make many wonderful fruit wine) was the black currant wine.  We were told that the first 2 sips would taste completely different from each other, and it did! The first sip was tart, while the second and third sip got sweeter and sweeter.  It was pretty cool.
 Hester Creek Late Harvest Pinot Blanc, mmmmm.. the sweet nectar of the Okanagan valley.
Originally made for an east indian restaurant in Vancouver, Crownest Taj spiced wine is one of a kind wine that has developed a reputation even after the restaurant was closed down.  The owner decided to keep carrying the wine as patrons from the restaurant came knocking on his door asking for more.  The spiced wine, serve chilled, goes extremely well with curry and spicy food.  It is not overly sweet and has a hint of cinnamon and either spices.  For only $13.50/bottle, it's quite an amazing deal.  I'm glad they haven't discontinued the wine yet, but the only way to have access is to drive all the way down to the winery. 

Although not mentioned here, we also bought a few bottles of the red wine.  I'm more of a sucker for white wine, but both my sister and I agreed that this year is the year of the white, while the red is only so-so.

Check out more information on the vineyards and map here.