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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Top 10 most popular food after the bar

What are the perfect ingredients for a meal to follow a long night of painting the town red?

From experience, observation and careful research, one can conclude that the major players are:

carbs + dripping grease + tons of sodium + loads of MSG = one satisfying late night meal

Sounds disgusting, but the heart and stomach want what they want.  

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do you love fried chicken? Go to L.A. Chicken!



I'm a feen for fried chicken, really good fried chicken.  

For some reason the KFC in Asia is amazing for that, I think it's the seasoning and the batter that makes a difference.  Meanwhile, I consider the quality of Canadian KFC next to being garbage.  It's quite disappointingly atrocious.  It's been almost a year since I have had a good fried chicken during my trip to L.A. last year.  I have been to several places that offer great fried chicken such as Liu's and fried chicken wings from Phnom Penh, but I didn't know of any place that is great at southern-style fried chicken.   So when I heard about a good fried chicken joint located right in Richmond, I was determined to get to the bottom of it.  

Located on Thorpe road in Richmond, L.A. Chicken interior looks like it was frozen in time since its opening in the early days in the 80's (I'm assuming). A typical mom and pop fast food joint that looks like it could use a face lift, particularly for its food posters that have faded to sepia.  They are still doing well for business as most patrons come in for take outs.  

Their 3 piece chicken combo for $9.99 came with fries, gravy, and a choice of pop or salad. First bite taken was very crispy and I mean the entire skin was deep fried to a golden crisp.  The meat was also well marinated through.  I wish there was more spices on the batter though.  The gravy was also good, thick and rich.  Although the fries somehow managed to stay hot and crispy even after a while, I could probably skip them and just get a whole bucket next time.  I gave it 8/10, not too shabby at all!  What else is missing here? Waffles with lots of butter and syrup!

If you know of another great fried chicken joint in Vancouver and greater area, I am all ears.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Afternoon stroll and food haul at Thailand Megashow, Impact Centre

After lunch at Nai Ngok, my family took me for a stroll at Thailand Megashow 2011 at Impact Exhibition and Convention Centre which started on January 15 until January 23rd.  The show features exhibition of various products ranging from furniture to cosmetics, fashion, and my favourite part, food.  When we got there it was absolute packed.  The place was huge but we weren't too impressed with the grade of most of the products in other categories, but definitely did damage when we shopped for a variation of Thai food from vendors all over the country.

One of the most interesting things to watch is the southern style of making milk tea or "cha chuk", which in Thai means "pulling tea".  The performance of "cha chuk" involves the tea maker pouring milk tea from one cup to the the next seamlessly without splashing a drop, and even includes a couple spins.  Check out the video below!

Fresh roti on the grill

The entire hall was filled with rows and rows of vendors from all over the country, offering endless variations of both traditional Thai food to Chinese, Japanese, and European style bakery.  It was fascinating seeing all kinds of food and absorbing the cultural aspects that tie to them.  The following pictures illustrate what I'm talking about.
Dried roasted fish and mini crabs
These little guys make crispy munchy snacks

Friday, November 19, 2010

Baring it out @ the Naked Lunch

I give credits and much thanks to Kat's 9 Lives for taking me to this wonderful sandwich joint.  The girl is definitely my go-to person for finding good eats in SF.  When I first heard about it, she pretty much had me at "fried chicken Tuesdays" and the melt-in-your-mouth foie gras sandwich that are often sold out.  It's a very small place tucked away on the corner of Broadway and Kearny near Chinatown, and more easily located with the help of the much larger Enrico's restaurant sign beside it.  It is opened from Tuesday to Saturday only for lunch from 11:30 am to 2 pm with a fairly limited selection.  There's hardly any seating space inside, but a huge patio seating space at Enrico's are made available for the Naked Lunch patrons.  

Luckily, the famous artisan foie gras torchon with duck prociutto and with truffle salt was available that day for a whopping $16.  Pretty steep for a sandwich, but reasonable for a thick slab of creamy foie gras that you wouldn't find anywhere else.  I must emphasize how creamy it was, and it combined perfectly with the saltiness of duck prociutto and truffle salt.  The only downside, as with the majority of the places I've come across so far, the bread was still a bit too hard and crusty for my liking.  

At first glance, I could already tell how crispy this chicken sandwich was going to be (*drools).  As I looked around, almost every single person came to order this sandwich.  The fact that it is only available on Tuesdays makes it that much more special.  They fried the chicken with the skin on and I cannot emphasize enough how crispy it was.  The meat was succulent, juicy, and well seasoned between buttery toasted buns and mayo.  I smothered with hot sauce and completely indulged in what I could only describe as one of the best fried chicken I've ever had (tear).  I started thinking about how far I would go and what bad things I could do to fight for this sandwich.  It was addicting and memorable, like a first romance.  


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snack hopping in NYC aka Nom all You Can

What better ways to spend the day until your next meal than to snack hop around Nomland, New York City.  I wrote down a couple places (again most from Sex and the City @^_^'@ and a couple websites).  Of course there are hundreds more waiting to be discovered, but these are where I went so far.  As you read through this post, you will agree that it should've been titled "The unhealthiest food you can find on the streets of New York".

Gray's Papaya

I kept reading and hearing about Gray's Papaya and had to try it when we came across a location. From all the hypes I read, I was obviously expecting to be blown away.  We happened to stumble across one on our way to dinner so we ran in. After ordering the recession special, we realized their hotdogs came from the recession indeed.  It wasn't good, actually quite horrible (both the hotdogs and the papaya drink).  Was it the location maybe? Was it because it was the recession special, that's why it was mediocre at best?


Magnolia Bakery on Urbanspoon

Magnolia Bakery
The bakery that started the cupcake craze in NYC back in the 90's hasn't lost its appeal.  We walked in on a random weekday evening and it was super crowded with long lineups.

 I scored a snicker-doodle and a red velvet cupcake for $3.25 each.  I really liked the light and frothy icing on the cinnamony snicker-doodle.   While for the others, I preferred the fluffy texture of the deep red velvety cupcake underneath the rich cream cheese icing.


Magnolia Bakery on Urbanspoon

Pomme Frites Authentic Belgian Fries
After a full Moroccan dinner at Nomad, I went straight to the Pomme Frites a couple blocks down.   I was scoping out the previous night, but was disappointed when they closed early when I came back around.  Despite being stuffed, I was determined.

 The lineup was moving pretty fast and it was entertaining watching the staff tossing the fries up in the air from a large tin container.  Here's the large selection of sauces available for the fries. They are pretty international and you ought to have a couple favourite ones on that list.  My choice was a no brainer.  The reason I was lured there in the first place, truffle fries are on the specials tonight!

These were definitely some fresh thick cut fries.  They were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.  I mean, they better be crunchy since they were fried twice.  I wish we could enjoy these fries sitting down, but we had to keep moving since it was getting late and we needed to catch the train back to the hotel.  After walking around a couple blocks, I ended up eating them along the way.  Not the best tasting experience, but I really had no choice before they were getting cold. 

Pommes Frites on Urbanspoon

 Located on 144A West 19th Street, Tebaya is small and modest joint with very little seatings. I was somewhat distracted from the food as I thought we ran into the korean american rapper Dumbfoundead sitting there eating fried chicken.

The Japanese wings were cripsy, saucy, and peppery.  They were addicting and be ware that they can get pretty messy.  Of course, with me, I was covered in sauce like a 2 year-old by the time we were done eating them.

Tebaya on Urbanspoon

 Shake Shack

Before 11 pm rolled around on my last night in NYC, we dragged our tired bodies out into the night.  This legendary "'shroom burger" ($6.75), a mozzarella filled Portabella mushroom burger was the last thing on the list.  So we (my sister, I actually sat and waited on a bench) waited in line in our pjs and no make up (you can tell we were really determined).

I endured sitting beside a crazy man talking and signing to me until the burger arrived.  Actually, I was kind of entertained but ready to run away if he got any closer.  We pulled out the goods out of the bag, admiring it.

It's GLORIOUS!! Straight to the point, nothing but a giant deep fried mushroom filled with cheese between a bun.  Even though I know the liquid cheese oozing out is basically poison that would cut my life shorter, yet it is beautiful T__T  

Want some?


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A&W Chicken waffle!

It was such a delightful treat that I had to write about it! I was envious of my sister when she presented me with Harlem's famous chicken waffle photos. Little did I know that I would come across it at A&W in Bangkok, Thailand. In North America, the fast food joint is well known for their thick cut onion rings and family named burgers. But in Thailand, A&W is more known for their waffles! Served at any given time of day, their famous waffles are served with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, a choice of chocolate sauce or strawberry sauce, and a side of maple syrup. It is more of a sit down dish, of course. This time around, I notice chicken waffle is up on the menu along with other infused dishes like fried chicken curry with rice. For only 57 bath (less than 2 US dollars), you get a crispy fried chicken fillet sandwiched between 2 waffles. I was quite baffled by how crispy and well seasoned the fried chicken was. Coupled with spicy barbecue sauce with a hint of mayo, it is bursting with savoury flavour.