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Friday, August 17, 2012

Shark fin movement and Preperation H

Without a doubt, there has been a growing concern over shark fins being served in Chinese restaurants world wide and the government in various countries have banned sale and consumption the delicacy. Some activists also take it to the extreme and protest outside any random chinese restaurants which may or may not serve shark fins.

While I'm not going to go into much details about animal cruelty issues, culture, activism and controversy around the topic, I recently discovered a peculiar observation.  For years, I have spent a lot of money and searching the world for an eye cream that actually works.  I have tried A LOT of products natural, expensive, over the counter, etc. with still no satisfaction.  I have heard for quite sometime that Preperation H, the cream you use to stop the swelling on haemorrhoid effectively reduces mad eye bags.  Could this be my answer?

I was still reluctant.  So before I purchased it, I was sure to read the ingredients on the label to see what are in it before I lathered up the cream that's supposed to be on your @$$ all over my eyes.  You can't be too careful right?

The one of the first few ingredients listed, meaning they have the highest % concentration, is shark liver oil.  It definitely was not listed as an inactive ingredient or derivative either.  So, Preperation H, the over the counter cream sold worldwide, has an ingredient derived by the very same animal people are going on a witch hunt to protect.  Yet, nothing's being said and done by the shark activists or the government.  Clearly I haven't done much research into this matter and it was something I recently noticed.  If any activisits, scientists, consumers out there care to fill me in on this subject, I'm all ears.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Cute Pig's 100 food you should actually eat before you die

After going through the 100 Food List Challenge on Facebook, I have come up with my own list food you should try at least once.  It was very hard to come up with only 100...Some items may not be popular but worth trying once, while the rest should be indulged as frequently as possible. What would you definitely put on your list?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My rage comic take on life as a food blogger

Top 10 most popular food after the bar

What are the perfect ingredients for a meal to follow a long night of painting the town red?

From experience, observation and careful research, one can conclude that the major players are:

carbs + dripping grease + tons of sodium + loads of MSG = one satisfying late night meal

Sounds disgusting, but the heart and stomach want what they want.  

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour, Thailand, coral death, and the future...

Hi guys,

For this post I would like to talk about an important topic that would impact not only me and my generation, but the future generation and ecosystem as well.  I had just finished participating in 60 minutes Earth Hour in Bangkok at 2030 hour to 2130 hour.  I must admit that hour without technology  eternal and I felt a sense of relief and comfort getting back to my normal realm again.  Towards the ending of that short period, my sister and I were explaining to our mother what is Earth Hour, why should we care?  Many people are still not aware of this annual world-wide activity.  Some of you may even find that,  it's pointless, inconvenient, and irrelevant.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanksgiving dinner recap

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays since it's all about food and family.  I can't think of a better combination.  Despite a high price tag for last minute plane tickets, I managed to fly back for the weekend to enjoy a long food-filled weekend with my family.  My grandmother made her annual turkey.  Even though the star of the show, her signature stuffing was missing, it was still as fabulous as ever.  I gotta admit, once we found out there was no stuffing this year, my sisters and I thought our Thanksgiving would be ruined.

She seasoned the turkey heavily with crushed garlic, coriander stems, salt, pepper, Maggi and sugar.  The skin was roasted to crisp, like Peking duck.  Drools. My favourite part of the turkey is the dark meat where all the seasoning is most absorbed.  It is flavourful, tender and moist.  Then, there was granny's signature gravy, which was thicker than most gravy and, let me tell you, it was rich.  I should really learn to master her recipes...

I also thought about running to the store to grab some cranberry sauce, but stumbled upon an unopened jar of Lone Willow iced merlot jelly and used it as a substitute instead.  It was sooo yummy with the turkey! The wine jelly is sweet with a slight tartness, a red wine aroma and aftertaste.

Aside from the turkey, there were also potatoes, salad, and an array of Thai cuisines.  We go big or go home.  After 2 servings, I still wanted more turkey.  I thought about making a turkey sandwich soaking it with gravy and wine jelly as a late night snack.  By then, I think I may have gained at least 4 more lbs. just from the holiday weight.

The sandwich didn't happen that night as I passed out from a food coma.  So, waking up the next day, it was the first thing I devoured before the actual brunch.  Eating it was one of the most gratifying thing I've done all year.


I have many things to be thankful for and most especially my wonderful family.  Amidst a joyful festivity we had on the weekend, I couldn't help but think about my parents and others who are suffering from massive flooding all over Thailand.  There isn't an international donation link for the flooding that I could find online at the moment, but I will keep looking.  At this time, I pray that my loved ones remain safe and hope the nightmare will soon be over :(

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gordon Ramsay makes dim sum

While I was searching for a crispy pork belly recipe, I stumbled upon an old clip of Gordon Ramsay learning to make dim sum at a busy chinese restaurant.  I thought it was pretty funny and refreshing to watch a master chef out of his element and vulnerable, yet stayed humble and accepting criticism.    There's always room for growth in everyone!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Cake Day!

Yesterday we brought home a DQ strawberry cheesecake just to help ease the heat stroke.  Sometimes, you don't need a reason to celebrate :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

How ancient people made ice without electricity

Modern day tasty pappingsu in Korea

 So as I was sitting at home watching K drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, there was a scene where a teacher was handing out "pappingsu", a delicious treat made of shaved ice, red bean and rice cakes.  Several centuries ago before modern technology, ice was valuable and very expensive.  It got me wondering, how did people back then, especially those in countries with warm climate produce and preserve ice???
The Romans' ice-making method required that you be in the desert, or at the very least in an area with low humidity to facilitate heat loss and lower temperatures at night. The method described below was used a lot in North Africa and Palestine, for example.
The Romans would put water into a pit that was well-insulated with straw. The pit would be covered with highly polished shields during the day, to reflect the heat of the sun, while at night the pit would be uncovered so that the water within could lose the maximum thermal energy. Ice often began forming in the evening, and would typically be ready for harvesting by 3 or 4 a.m. Once harvested, the ice would be taken to the nearest icehouse for storage.
The more water placed in the pit, the more resistant it is to freezing overnight. But this method does work, without refrigeration, and without electricity, and was used by the Romans to augment their seasonal ice harvests.

Source: Making Ice in Ancient Rome,

My thought: It still baffled me how people back then figured out the process of thermal energy.  I had to go back and re-watch the documentary "Ancient Astronauts".  With all the science and work put into it just to cultivate the impossible, I can't imagine how expensive ice would be back then and only the filthiest of the richest could afford it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

How I made a WTF cake...

Birthday Rum Cake Wtf Cake
So for my grandma's birthday this year, I decided to bake a rum cake.  To be specific, I wanted to make it like this Italian restaurant does, or at least similar concept.  The top layer of the cake is very dry and airy, and the creamy icing and the bottom layer of the cake is nicely drenched with rum flavour.  I knew I won't be able to make it exactly like that, but at least had the same concept it mind.  So on the day of, I had everything planned, including all the shortcuts.  Everything was pretty much pre-made and it should've been simple enough...

The reason why I enjoy cooking food more baking is because cooking is more of an art, while baking revolves more around science.  There is very little room for tweaking and free-styling without the risk of your baked goods collapsing.  It is also the reason why I only bake once a year.  I dumped a shot of rum in the dough, and another shot in the icing.  From what I read from an online recipe, 2 shots should suffice.  I was proved wrong.  The bright side was that I got to use the spatula I got from Foodbuzz Festival... Yay.....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This is a bit immature... but it brings the LOLs

I found this product while grocery shopping and thought Grace flavoured soup mix labelling was absolutely hilarious.  Sorry if anybody is offended!


Here's another photo of Grace food product, cock flavoured instant noodles, courtesy of my friend Mayna.  I'm glad we share a common interest in food.


This brings me to a very important question, has anyone tried it??